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Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis is a nationally known Invisalign expert and teacher. He lectures on Invisalign around the world and recognized as a top provider in the industry. In his practice, 80% of his cases are treated with aligners as opposed to traditional braces.

Top 1% INVISALIGN Provider


Dr. Nicozisis is a Diamond Invisalign Provider, their top credential and a Top 1% INVISALIGN provider.

About Us

There is only one local orthodontic specialist with Invisalign experience second to no one. Nationally known but locally your own, Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis lectures around the country and internationally teaching other orthodontists advanced techniques with Invisalign. He even helped develop it for teenagers and younger patients for early treatment. In 2014, Dr. Nicozisis co-authored a text book chapter on Invisalign with the company’s director of research and development. Dr. Nicozisis has also helped develop Propel orthodontic technology to accelerate tooth movement and decrease treatment time by up to half!

If you’ve been told Invisalign is not for you or your child, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicozisis so he can show you otherwise!

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